Friday, 1 October 2010

Three The Hard Way

Wayne Brady , Mike Tyson & Bobby Brown. Tell me this isn't the best thing you've seen this year ? . Iron Mike kills me.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Flying Hawaiian

"Higgins , Bring The Dogs"

Friday, 25 July 2008

R,I.P. Curtis Donnell Davis

On June 16th 2002 the S.U.C lost another soldier . Rest In Peace Big Mello. Wind Me Up

E.S.G. Swangin' And Bangin - Vinyl 12"

1995, so fools give it to me
And this is for them buster type G's, who wanna do me
I never had no love, for them crooked 5-0's
Chrome mirror 84's bro, and some low pro bowl
Tight ride bubble head lights, sheisty G's pause
Damn there go the laws, got me stuffing my yay up under my drawas
Trying to jack this G, cause I'm caught up in my click
I ain't with it, they throwing me down cause I didn't pay my tickets
But um you fools you know, I got my hand on my glock
And my left is on my steering wheel, so watch someone get dropped
4 deep up in that Lac yeah, coming down tight
Swigity swangin bigity bangin, like I'm turning left I'm bigity bustin a right
And now you know in and out, out and in I dip
Damn them G's in the South, are a trip
And my homies steady mobbing, our game is for real
With that fifth wheel grill, mo-mo wood grain steering wheel
Working it with that fo' and go ahead, with that three way
Candy painted be so wet, leaving drips up on that freeway
Baby give it to me, cause you know I won't quit
And I'll be mobbing with my playas, extra gat on my hip
And to the fools down South, keep slanging them thangs
It's '95 yeah fool, we comes again yep to swang and bang
And now you know, what my real G's do
Sip syrup swang and bang, jam nothing but that Screw fool

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Keke The Don

Lil' Keke just dropped a nice new comp too. Some well known and forgotten classics on this . Buy it right here

Joseph & Frazier

It's been 5 years or so since Z-Ro & Trae dropped the A.B.N cd which saw them and members of the extended A.B.N gang trade heated verses over some well known and slightly lesser known beats. In the meantime Trae has made major moves , getting signed to Rap-A-Lot and putting out a slew of mixtapes and compilations featuring his S.L.A.B and A.B.N crew. Z-Ro has gone through the limitations that come with being on an indie like Rap-A-Lot and not having that mega push that would make him into the real worldwide rap star that his talent truly warrants. I've been waiting on this album for a while. Listen to Z-Ro flip the hook to New Editions "Can U Stand The Rain" here then go out and cop it.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Screw Talks To Murder Dog 1999

Screw rarely gave interviews , but Daika Bray spoke to Screw about the S.U.C and his hopes for the future back in 1999.

When did Fat Pat, Hawk, C-Note and the rest of the Screwed Up Click start rappin at your house? After you already had started doin Screw tapes?

After I started doin Screw tapes. I was already doin 'em, they was just listenin to me. They'd hear me, I'd give shout outs to different people in the neighborhoods, cause I had kicked it with everybody from every neighborhood. I'd make personal tapes. I might make a tape for a couple of my partners. Sometimes I'd just be makin a tape, come to the house, kick it. Some of my partners that are locked up right now, they'd come to the house and kick it, watch me make a tape. Might get on the mic, give shout outs. We'd ride around, listen to that in the car. It's like you're listenin to the radio, hear your own voice, ridin in the car, start rappin. We got some feedback on it, people were likin it. Everybody was takin it serious.

I want you to clear up some of the rumors about Fat Pat. I've heard that he was in the dope game, he was doing terrible things to people, and what happened to him was just comin back onto him from stuff he'd done in the past ? Read the rest of the interview here